Assignment 3

Assignment 3 – Tutor Feedback and Final Version

I’ve received feedback from my tutor on Assignment 3 and am encouraged by the report which is positive and provides a critical review.

The report is attached:

Ashley Lauryssen 3

The revised version of the assignment is below:

I was pleased that the tutor acknowledged some the shots that I worked particularly hard at to get right e.g. tracking shot through the kitchen then through the window into the garden. It was also good that the signifiers that I had used to indicate that Ahad was seriously unhappy, were understood.

There were a number of areas where the tutor suggested improvements. I have re-edited the sound between shot 2 and 3 to correct the continuity error and adjusted the sound levels to accommodate the quieter voice of my main character.

One of the main comments was focused on the 180 degree rule which was broken in a number of shots. I was aware of problem while planning the shots but elected to keep the shot configuration, hoping that it would create dis-ease but not confusion. As all my actors are no longer available, I cannot reshoot this but have reviewed the 180 rule based on the links sent by the tutor.

The tutor commented on the music that I had used toward the end of the scene and questioned if it was necessary. I re-edited and removed the music but having viewed it a number of times without the music, I felt that something was missing and that the atmosphere contrast wasn’t quite the same. So I went with instinct and put the music back but adjusted the volume so that it is now more a background element as opposed to the original where the music was a dominant feature.

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